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Vessel Response Plan

MFSA is the nonprofit corporation providing oil spill response and contingency planning coverage under the MFSA Vessel Response Plan (the “Plan”).  The Plan is an umbrella plan for vessels entering the Columbia River who enroll for coverage. A vessel may gain coverage by working with an agent who has a Blanket Enrollment Agreement with the MFSA and can handle all of the required paperwork, or by enrolling directly.  To enroll directly, a vessel owner/operator must do the following:

1) entering into either a Direct Vessel Enrollment Agreement 

2) paying any applicable Trip Fee prior to arrival, and

3) submitting an MFSA Arrival Notice at least 96-hours prior to the vessels arrival in the Area of Coverage (or if less, prior to depature).

Vessel Enrollment

We have established a simple and easy method for vessels entering the Columbia River to enroll for coverage. Our Association has enrollment agreements in place with area shipping agents who are members of the Columbia River Steamship Operators Association (CRSOA). Through those existing relationships visiting vessels are enrolled for coverage under the plan by their agent.  This seamless operation makes meeting state regulations easy and cost effective for vessel operators.

Please contact a local Shipping Agent to assist you thought this process.   

Agent Tools

MFSA Field Guide

The MFSA Field Guild is REQUIRED to be onboard all covered vessels. Please download a copy for your vessel.

MFSA Rate Sheet

Download the rate sheet for covered vessels crossing the Columbia River.

Vessel Enrollment

MFSA Notice of Arrival and vessel enrollment


  • ACGI website | e-mail
  • Bluewater Pacific
  • Cascade Marine Agencies
  • Fujitrans U.S.A Inc.
  • GSB Marine Services
  • General Steamship Corp. LTD (includes Quay Cruise Agencies) website | e-mail
  • Inchcape Shipping Services
  • Intercruises website | e-mail
  • Interport PNW



  • Alaska Tanker Company, LLC
  • Crowley Maritime Corporation (Intrepid Ship Management, Inc.)
  • Global Marine (Rainier Petroleum/Maxum Petroleum)
  • Olympic Tug & Barge (Harley Marine Services)
  • Polar Tankers
  • Sause Bros. Inc.

Direct Enrollment

For direct or one-time vessel enrollment, upon the execution of a Vessel Enrollment Agreement by both MFSA and the vessel’s owner/operator/authorized agent (Authorized Representative) and advance payment of the applicable vessel trip fee(s), the ship’s owner and operator (Owner) and the vessel named in the Vessel Enrollment Agreement will be enrolled for coverage under the Plan for a vessel call in the Area of Coverage. There is an additional charge for this enrollment option.

Blanket Enrollment

Steamship agency companies (Agents) or vessel operators (Operators) who meet eligibility requirements may provide for preapproval of and agreement to the terms of the Vessel Enrollment Agreement for all vessels they represent.  Upon such approval, under the Blanket Enrollment Agreement an eligible vessel represented by that agency may be automatically enrolled under the Plan upon filing with MFSA (through the Merchants Exchange of Portland) an MFSA Arrival Notice prior to arrival of the vessel in the Area of Coverage, as described in Section 4.1 of the Blanket Enrollment Agreement.

Vessel Enrollment FAQs

Only steamship agency companies (Agents) or vessel operators (Operators) who are current members of the Columbia River Steamship Operators Association (CRSOA) and are in good standing may apply for the privileges of Blanket Enrollment.  All others must enroll using the services of one of the listed Agents or enroll via Direct Enrollment.

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