Vessel Enrollment


MFSA is the nonprofit corporation providing oil spill response and contingency planning coverage under the MFSA Vessel Response Plan (the "Plan").  The Plan is an umbrella plan for vessels entering the Columbia River who enroll for coverage.


A vessel may gain coverage by working with an agent who has a Blanket Enrollment Agreement with the MFSA and can handle all of the required paperwork, or by enrolling directly.  To enroll directly, a vessel owner/operator must do the following:

1) entering into either a direct Vessel Enrollment Agreement ,

2) paying any applicable Trip Fee prior to arrival, and

3) submitting an MFSA Arrival Notice at least 96-hours prior to the vessels arrival in the Area of Coverage (or if less, prior to depature).


Trip Fees 


Trip Fees for direct Vessel Enrollment must be paid at the time of enrollment, prior to the vessels arrival.  Blanket Enrollment customers receive billing priviledges named in the Blanket Enrollment Agreement.


MFSA Vessel Enrollment Fees


Arrival Notice Submission


The MFSA Arrival Notice may be submitted on the required form via fax or email, and can also be completed online using our automated submission program.  There is no charge for submitting an MFSA Arrival Notice online (online submission is for Blanket Enrollees only).


MFSA Arrival Notice Online Submission via Merchants Exchange website.