The MFSA Oil Spill Contingency Plan follows the requirements set forth in the Clean Waters Act as amended by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90); Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 468B, Division 300-400, Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Chapter 340, Division 141; Washingtons Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 173, 182, Sections 010-930.  These regulations require an oil spill response plan for covered vessels that carry oil as fuel or cargo on the navigable waters of the States of Oregon and Washington.


On April 20, 2011, Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire, signed House Bill 1186 into law,  MFSA representatives are actively working on the Rule Advisory Committee, as new or enhanced rules and regulations are written.  For information on House Bill 1186, click here.