MFSA Vessel Response Plan - Revision 02 (effective 11/17/2017) 


The MFSA Vessel Response Plan is required to undergo a full review with both Oregon and Washington every five years.  MFSA has received approval for this update effective November 18, 2016.  A recent update of the plan is available below.


MFSA Vessel Response Plan, Revision 02 (dated 11/17/2017)


The MFSA Shipboard Field Guide, which is required to be onboard all covered vessels, can be found below. 


MFSA Field Guide - 2016


Field Guide




MFSA - Plan Guidance Documents


Some guidance documents for agents and vessel representatives may find useful:


MFSA Barge Enrollment Guidance

Definition of a Trip

Spill Management Team

Definition of Substantial Threat of Spill

Changes to Arrival Notice Process



For questions, contact:

Holly Robinson, Oil Contingency Program Manager

503-220-2099 direct

503-220-2055 24-hour ER