MFSA Vessel Response Plan - Revision 05 (effective 08/07/2018) 


The MFSA Vessel Response Plan is required to undergo a full review with both Oregon and Washington every five years.  MFSA has received approval for this update effective December 6, 2017.  The most current version of the plan is available below.


MFSA Vessel Response Plan, Revision 05 (dated 08/07/2018)


The MFSA Shipboard Field Guide, which is required to be onboard all covered vessels, can be found below. 


MFSA Field Guide - 2016


Field Guide




MFSA - Plan Guidance Documents


Some guidance documents for agents and vessel representatives may find useful:


MFSA Barge Enrollment Guidance

Definition of a Trip

Spill Management Team

Definition of Substantial Threat of Spill

Changes to Arrival Notice Process



For questions, contact:

Holly Robinson, General Manager

503-220-2099 direct

503-220-2055 24-hour ER