Incident Commanders


Upon implementation of the Plan, MFSA will provide an Incident Commander (IC) for a period of up to 24 hours or until the Responsible Party's (RP) Qualified Individual (QI) arrives; whichever occurs first.


The IC is responsible for all aspects of the response, including developing incident objectives and managing all incident operations.  The IC is faced with many responsibilities when the IC arrives on scene.  Unless specifically assigned to another member of the Command or General Staffs, these responsibilities remain with the IC.


Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with vessel to assist in implementing Field Guide to secure the vessel and stop the flow.
  • Establish immediate priorities especially the safety of responders, other emergency workers, bystanders, and people involved in the incident.
  • Stabilize the incident by ensuring life safety and managing resources efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Determine incident objectives and strategy to achieve the objectives.
  • Establish and monitor incident organization.
  • Approve the implementation of the written or oral Incident Action Plan (”IAP”).
  • Ensure adequate health and safety measures are in place.
  • Provide technical assistance to the QI in managing the spill response.

ICs are representatives of the maritime industry and include the following individuals:

  • Jerry Holmes, Holmes Response Resources
  • George Birch, Birch Environmental Consultation, LLC
  • Jack Kyle, Response Training Services
  • Ric Gerttula, PR Marine Support Services
  • Chad Thompson

Our ICs possess many qualifications and also complete regular preparedness activities including response equipment, Plan Implementation, Incident Command System, oil spill response, etc.


For information about becoming an IC for the MFSA, contact Holly Robinson.