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The Maritime Fire and Safety Association is the leading provider and advocate of safe, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective response services to commercial vessels in the Columbia Willamette River Marine Transportation System. Led by our Board of Directors, this group of Elected Board Members and Ex Officio Members come together to ensure MFSA continues to advnace its mission.

Annual Report

Maritime Fire & Safety Association's Annual Report documents the accomplishments of the past year.

Our History

Following the foundation of the Maritime Fire & Safety Association, a timeline of events and establishments brought the MFSA to what it is today.

1982 – Protector Alpha fire in Kalama, Washington on the Columbia River.

1984 – The Lower Columbia Maritime Fire Safety Plan was developed.

1986 – The Fire Protection Agencies Advisory Council (FPAAC) was formed. 


FPAAC was formed to set forth a comprehensive system to ensure effective response shipboard fires in the Lower Columbia Region, and then purchased and delivered the first specialized equipment to participating fire agencies for fighting shipboard fires.  The FPAAC is currently comprised of 13 fire agencies located throughout the river system.  These agencies voluntarily contribute both staff time and equipment costs for participation in meetings, drills and other training exercises.  Realizing the importance of maintaining a stable funding source, the MFSA Membership approved a per vessel assessment, which is collected from all ocean-going vessels that call at a member’s dock.  This funding goes towards the purchase of specialized marine firefighting equipment and provides for the ongoing training and education of member fire agencies in the response to vessel emergencies.  Then in 1991, the Lower Columbia Maritime Fire Safety Plan was revised to include oil spill response and preparedness which brought the development of MFSA Umbrella Oil Spill Contingency Plan (now the MFSA Vessel Response Plan or “the Plan”) in the beginning of 1991. 


1990 – Passage of the Oil Pollution Act in direct response to the Exxon Valdez spill.

1992 – The MFSA and Clean Rivers Cooperative, Inc. (CRC) signed a memorandum of agreement. 

This agreement allowed MFSA to designate CRC response equipment and resources in the Plan.  CRC serves as the state approved Primary Response Contractor (PRC) to MFSA and provides oil spill coverage for its own membership’s facility response plans in addition to the vessels MFSA provides coverage. 

1993 – The contingency plan received approval from Oregon DEQ and the Washington Office of Marine Safety.

Our Members

  • Chevron USA

  • Columbia Grain, Inc.

  • Columbia River Steamship Operators Association (CRSOA)

  • EGT, LLC

  • Emerald Kalama Chemical

  • Kalama Export Company

  • KapStone Paper/Westrock

  • Kinder Morgan, Inc.

  • LD Commodities

  • McCall Oil & Chemical Corp.

  • Millennium Bulk Terminals

  • Nippon Dynawave Packaging Company

  • NuStar Energy, LPPort of Astoria

  • Port of Columbia County

  • Port of Kalama

  • Port of Longview

  • Port of Portland

  • Port of Vancouver, U.S.A.

  • Schnitzer Steel Products

  • Temco, LLC

  • United Grain Corp.

  • Vigor Industrial / Cascade General

  • Weyerhaeuser Co.

Elected Board

Andrew Holbrook, President
Kinder Morgan

Mat Cusma, Vice President
Schnitzer Steel Industries

Kent Cash, Secretary/Treasurer
Port of Vancouver, USA

Gene Loffler
LD Commodities

Bryon Fletcher
Harley Marine dba Olympic Tug & Barge

Karen Hayes
Alaska Tanker

Geoff Owen
Port of Portland

Other Board Participants

Kate Mickelson, ad hoc member
Columbia River Steamship Operators Association (CRSOA)

Captain Jeremy Smith, Sector Commander/COTP
U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Columbia River

CAPT Tom Griffitts, Commander
US Coast Guard, MSU Portland

Cale Karrick, Chair
Oil Spill Response & Preparedness Committee
Transmarine Navigation

Chief Steve Sharek, FPAAC Chair
Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District


Liz Wainwright, Executive Director
Maritime Fire & Safety Association

Holly Robinson, General Manager
Maritime Fire & Safety Association

Curtis Cannizzaro, Assistant Manager
Maritime Fire & Safety Association

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